Custom Playmats

Without a doubt, custom mtg playmats, custom Yugioh playmats, and custom Pokemon playmats, look really cool. For some, playmats mean status, as these are often given as prizes in tournaments. 

Did you know that behind every great custom playmat design, they are actually very functional? Here are the top reasons why people love custom playmats.


Custom playmats are eye-catching. Designs can be vibrant or colorful. Having a custom-made playmat is also a great way to express your style and creativity. 

You can choose any style or image you want and have it translated into a high-quality piece of artwork to take with you on game nights and competitions.

Card Playmats Protectors

Hard surfaces such as tables can potentially damage your card playmats and your card sleeves. Have you ever played on a hard surface and chipped the edge of your card?

Playmats protect your valuable cards and the sleeves. They act as a buffer between your valuables and a flat surface. Having said that, dropping your cards onto a playmat will not cause scratches or breakage.

Type of mats- mtg playmats

A playmat helps you establish your playing space. A lot of TCG players, such as mtg playmats players have mentioned that it is just so much easier to set-up a playmat especially in public events. 

Moreover, the playmat material prevents your objects from slipping around and so, keeping them organized. It helps you see your cards, dice, and other items easier for your next local tournament.


Yugioh Playmat – Prevent Dirt

Many players would agree that yugioh playmats keep cards and sleeves from collecting dirt. Imagine having to play on an unclean table only to end up with little pieces of dirt on your sleeve.