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Custom Card Sleeves

In the world of Commander, there are so many ways to show off your artistic vision of your deck. From custom card sleeves to cards to foil them2 out, get alters on your cards, or even go double-deep and get foil foreign cards! However anyone can go out and buy cards for their deck (I personally enjoy my judge promo Hanna, Ship’s Navigator commander deck), but to truly express myself and my vision of what it means to pilot this deck I had to get a custom playmat. It features Hanna and the crux theme of my artifact deck, and while it telegraphs exactly what I plan to play when I sit at the EDH table, I’m not there to just win, I’m here to show off my cunning and creativity when I build a deck! That’s why I was so excited when I found out that YourPlaymat does custom card sleeves for a variety of games like Yugioh and Magic the Gathering! Now everything lines up when I hit the table with my deck, people know that I run Hanna, Ship’s Navigator and they’re always asking what new foils I got, but as of late the question I get is ‘Dude, where did you get those sleeves from?’ Because these aren’t just any sleeves that you can get from a shop, these are custom card sleeves that are perfect for double sleeving Magic the Gathering cards. And the best part is that they match my custom playmat! My favorite part is the level of detail that I put into crafting the design for the art is matched in the printing process. All the careful time I took in detailing the sleeves didn’t go to waste when I presented my newly sleeved deck at the table. With the help of one of their graphic designers, I was able to make sure that the design I wanted would show up crystal clear on the sleeves. They’re also familiar with tons of card games like Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, and Pokemon. this way I can create a Yugioh card sleeves size cards and mtg card sleeves as well! They also have an amazing matte finish! No more slipping and sliding with glossy backed sleeves! When I sleeved up my Commander Deck I was so impressed with the durability of these sleeves, the cards fit perfectly without having to jam them in and you can feel the quality of these custom card sleeves. They also fit with perfect fit mtg sleeves and even the perfect fit hard sleeves for some of the cards that I want to have some extra protection for! The quality control is as high as any of the major distributors, if not better because each set is custom made for each individual customer. I was absolutely stunned at how good they looked and how great they felt while shuffling! These sleeves have been such a hit in my group that I’m getting another set for more of my commander decks! Every Monday when I sit down at the table with my custom card sleeves or custom MTG sleeves, I’m happy to ask my opponent.


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