Custom Playmats

Benefits of Unique Custom Cards Playmats:

  • It protects not only your cards but also your Custom card sleeve from fraying and dirt.
  • It is relatively easier to pick up a card from a playmat.
  • It gives you your personal space when playing in public. Some players find it uncomfortable when other players are too close to them.
  • It allows the player to play comfortably on a flat surface compared to an ordinary table surface
  • Last but not least, you can choose any image you want to print on your playmats.
If you’re interested in getting yourself a brand new playmat, here are things to consider to get the most suitable one for you. Customize your playing surface with your chosen image and even add your own card zones to take your gaming setup to the next level! Perfect for games like Yu-gi-oh, Magic: the Gathering, Pokèmon Smooth and more.

Custom Playmats Design

Ergonomic Design

One thing you should also look for when buying a suitable custom playmat is its design. Playmats should be able to lessen the strain of picking up a card and should be easy to roll flat on a stable surface.

The type of fabric used can also affect the usability of the mat for an extended period. Here are some factors to consider
  1. Surface – Materials used in the construction of mousepad should be able to combine smooth card action and control when used. You can check out some of the factors like the weave, the type of fabric, and its construction to choose the best one for you.
  2. Equipped with Thick Padding– New playmats are made with a double layer of padding on their design. You can also use it as an extended mousepad due to its thickness.
  3. Choose playmats With Secure Locks or Boxes – Some brands of playmats like Yu-Gi-oh, Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon Smooth and morecome with a lock or a box for safekeeping. It can help you when storing your playmats and protect it from dirt.

Aesthetic Quality

Customize your playing surface with your chosen image and even add your own card zones to take your gaming setup Some might find that aesthetic is not a very important factor in choosing a playmat. However, most players agree that custom card playmats should not only protect your card but it should also reflect your own personal style.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of playmats available in the market with a ready-made design. You can buy these productsas isor opt for a personalized mousepad. Some shops will even allow you to design your playmat by giving them a picture of your chosen designs.

Custom Playmats Durability

Since custom playmats are prone to wear and tear because of everyday use, make sure that your playmat will survive the test of time. Here are some signs you should look for to find a durable playmat.

  • One indication you can look for is to see if the edges are well stitched. Most durable mousepads will have a thick stitched seam around the perimeter of the playmats to prevent possible fraying
  • Playmat’s Bottom Part- Most playmat’s bottom is made from a rubber material that acts as anchorage against surfaces. Signs of discoloration after a few uses mean that the rubber used in your mat is not of great quality.