Live The Dream With Dog Sled Saga



Dog Sled Saga Screen 1

I can’t be the only one who thinks a game about dog sled racing sounds really cool.

Traditional racing games have always been a favorite of mine, a fondness developed playing Super Monaco GP on my Sega Genesis, because of the sense of speed, thrill of victory and the precision necessary to finish cleanly. I’ve also always been sort of fascinated by dog sled races and now there’s going to be a videogame about them. I stumbled across the kickstarter page for Dog Sled Saga a little too late, a game developed for mobile devices and the desktop computer and on Steam Greenlight presently.

The page for the successfully funded game states it has elements of roguelikes in the vein of FLT and Spelunky, risk-reward decision making similar to Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale, random battles and simplistic one button gameplay akin to Flash game and App Store smash Canabalt. If you think it sounds interesting, check out the games website for more details. With mention of individual dog personalities and other interesting ideas, it’s definitely something I’m eager to get my hands on and raise a team of plucky young puppies into a force to be reckoned.









Evan Tumbas
Author: Evan Tumbas
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