Resident Evil Revelations Reaches 1.1 Million Units


Capcom announced that the PC and console ports of Resident Evil Revelations have collectively sold 1.1 million copies, exceeding many expectations.

Commenting in their Capcom-Unity blog they said “Just a quick little pat on the back for RE Revelations - the console/PC versions have passed the one-million mark in worldwide sales and are currently sitting pretty at 1.1 million overall.”

Capcom-Unity then went on to say “"The 3DS version was great, but I'm still quite pleased Revelations could make the leap to 360, PS3, Wii U and PC as well. It's a great, claustrophobic game that really walks the line between '90s and '00s RE.”

With the poor sales of “Lost Planet 3” it’s good to see Revelations almost meet the target of 1.2 million copies Capcom predicted for the title.

This success comes at a surprise as often ports seem to fall just short of the mark on foster consoles with the original selling better on the platform it was intentionally made for. Possibly the already established fan base and wrecking ball momentum (minus Miley Cyrus) of the previous Resident Evil games were able to elevate Revelations into un-dead greatness.

In 2013 Capcom revealed the lifetime sales of a multitude of its titles. Resident Evil 5 came out on top giving Street Fighter a Hadouken right in the pride.

With the success of Revelations and Resident Evil 7 being discussed, are we going to see the next game in the franchise sooner rather than later? Or will Capcom allow us to pick each other’s brains in anticipation.


Steven Dalby
Author: Steven Dalby
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